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Promote your trade show appearance

Everything for a successful communication for your presence.

Marketing Services


Exclusive marketing


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Marketing Services

With your binding registration as an exhibitor, you automatically book our obligatory Marketing Services (price 1,290 euros). This will effectively draw attention to your booth at embedded world. The following marketing services are included for you: 

  • Company profile on the digital event platform talque (browser & app)
  • Company listing in official print and online media
  • Social media assets
  • Branding TicketShop (individual branding of the TicketShop with your logo)
  • Invitation management tool
  • Pass management (Exhibitor passes for booth staff and service providers)
    You can find video tutorials on how to manage exhibitor passes here.
  • Display of press releases
  • Other marketing services

For more information, please see the exhibitor brochure.

Take advantage of the increased attention and inform about your trade fair highlights. Invite your customers and contacts to embedded world 2024 and use your participation optimally for your advertising. Our invitation booster shows you all the tips for promoting your trade fair presence at a glance.

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Exclusive marketing: Tailor-made marketing at embedded world

Our exclusive marketing gives your advertising campaign the individual touch - before, during and after your trade fair appearance. We offer you effective advertising measures for all media. Put your company in the spotlight.

Please note: these are not the marketing services included in the stand space (Marketing Services), but additional marketing opportunities to increase the awareness for your company and your presence at embedded world.
Use your budget effectively and choose exclusive marketing measures that suit you and your needs.

  • Digital Signage
    Your advertising on the official embedded world Exhibition&Conference signage - and thus always guaranteed to be in the focus of visitors. Learn more!
  • Online media
    Online advertising is direct and up-to-date - and therefore a must for successful trade fair marketing. The Internet allows you to address your clientele in a cost-effective and diverse way.
  • Print media
    Advertise your company in a prominent place: Our trade fair media are the right place for your print advertising
  • On-site advertising
    It's eye-catching: advertising on and near the exhibition grounds puts your company in the best light.
Info & Order Exclusive Marketing

Draw attention to yourself and put together your desired services. You can book the exclusive marketing services in time for the trade fair in the Online ExhibitorShop in your personal exhibitor area.


1) Create an account and follow the official embedded world channels on LinkedIn and Twitter. That way you will not miss any news!

2) Share or retweet our content on your channel(s) and/or comment on it.

3) Post news about your trade fair participation on your channels and/or your company’s channels regularly! Further down, you will find a few trade fair-storytelling-ideas for your posts.

4) Whenever you post something about embedded world, please tag our official page in your post! This will show us when you communicate something about embedded world and we can react to it.

5) Please always use our official hashtag in your posts #ew24 and/or #embeddedworld.

6) Use our social media assets to draw attention to your trade fair participation.

7) You are welcome to download our (analogue) sample letter to use text modules from it in your social media posts (e.g. when you post your visitor codes and invite customers).

We look forward to many exciting contributions and insights into your trade fair preparations!

A few content ideas for your posts:

  • In the run-up to #ew24
    • Save-the-date post for embedded world 2024
    • Name your personal visitor codes and invite your customers
    • Name your stand and hall number
    • Introduce staff (text/video clip) who will be on site
    • Make appointments on site + online
    • Announce what your customers can expect at embedded world 2024 (text, photos, videos, …)
    • Post a video clip with a personal invitation from the Managing Director/Marketing Director/etc.

  • Right before the start of the fair
    • Post behind-the-scenes content from your trade fair preparations (meetings, stand construction, preparation of documents, ...)
    • Post behind-the-scenes content from the journey to Nuremberg, during set up, ...
  • During the exhibition
    • Post impressions during the exhibition
  • After the exhibition
    • Thank all participants and point out that you can still be reached via your company profile on the digital event platform
    • Post impressions and summaries from embedded world
    • Share statements from staff, clients, partners, …

You have questions? Feel free to get in touch with me: 

Michelle Eiser is your contact for Sales USA, UK, Ireland and Canada

Michelle Eiser

Sales USA, UK, Ireland and Canada

Send email +49 9 11 86 06-89 10
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Download service

Use our download service to promote your trade fair presentation.