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The networking event for women in the embedded systems industry enters the second round. Save the date: 10.04.2024, 16:00, NCC-Mitte, Hall Brüssel 1







Network, discuss and gain new perspectives

Welcome to #women4ew, our networking event for women in the embedded systems industry. The event will take place on the second day of the embedded world Exhibition & Conference 2024 and offers a unique opportunity to network, inspire each other and learn from successful women. 

Learn more about the challenges and opportunities as a woman in the tech industry and exchange ideas. Don't miss the opportunity to learn from the two speakers and be inspired. 

The aim of our event is to intensify the contact between women in the embedded systems industry. You can find out more about the programme for 2024 here at the end of February 2024.

This year’s exciting programme: 

The speakers from the industry will give a short keynote speech before all participants break into small groups to take part in various table talks. Afterwards, there will be plenty of time for networking and conversation – with finger food and drinks.

  • Table Talk 1: Let’s stay in touch – how to be successful on the long run in diversity

    The Table Talk addresses numerous questions and topics: How do young people see themselves - even before the decision in favour of STEM is made? What role do mentors, networks, lectures and panels play in orientation? Which companies do young people choose and why? How is it possible to build relationships and promote a sense of achievement? Do early investments by schools, universities and young talent programmes serve the employee pyramid? Are flexible working hours, long-term learning, development opportunities and transparency the basis of employee and company loyalty? Can we learn from other countries and cultures where women in technology are "normal"?

    Table Captains:
    Stefani Eisele und Magdalena Daxenberger, Exhibition committee

  • Table Talk 2: Feminist AI: AI today and tomorrow – examples from practice

    Recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence have opened up numerous new opportunities for companies, society and individuals, but also raise complex questions about the distribution of power and privilege. This is because current AI systems often reinforce existing power imbalances and disadvantage marginalised, underrepresented and underprivileged people. AI can reproduce power, but it can also – if designed in a feminist way – change it. Can feminist AI make our world fairer and what could this look like? Who would benefit from this and who would have an interest in preventing it? AI is powerful – the question is whether we use it to change power or to reinforce what already exists.

    Table Captain:
    Eva Gengler, enableYou 
    Sandra Rivera, General Manager of Data Center and AI Group, Intel

  • Table Talk 3: Career hacks from first-hand experience

    "If you want to make a career as a woman in a high environment, you have to behave in such and such a way!"

    Who hasn't heard it in our industry - the unsolicited advice, often mixed with prejudice and stereotypes: "you're a quota woman" / "you only got promoted because you're a woman" / and so on.

    Based on her experience as a female engineer and manager in a very male-dominated industry (often as one of the few or only women in the study programme / project team / department / etc.) and now as managing director of SchuhEder Consulting, the executive search firm for the electronics industry, Nadja Eder takes a practical look at the following questions, among others:

    • Is it harder to make a career as a woman?
    • How can I build a meaningful career? What does a career mean to me? And how can I find out?
    • Be careful when changing jobs: Which company is right for me?
    • Gender pay gap? Do my colleagues earn more than I do? How should I negotiate my salary?
    • How can a network help me? And how can I build one?
    • What other tips and tricks can I use?

    Table Captain:
    Nadja Eder, SchuhEder Consulting GmbH 

  • Table Talk 4: Making strengths and skills visible, overcoming prejudices: Self-confidence in technical professions

    As a female engineer, it is not always easy to assert yourself in such a deeply technical environment as embedded systems and electronics. Instead of a leap of faith in your own competence, you often experience skepticism and reservations in contrast to male colleagues. How do you deal professionally and competently if you are initially considered to be "the insignificant appendage of marketing" in meetings with customers, business partners or colleagues? How do you manage to maintain a positive attitude towards new interlocutors over the years? And what kind of support do we want from our colleagues and how do we sensitize them to this?  We want to share experiences and discuss possible strategies around the table!

    • How do you approach (new) customers, colleagues and business partners competently and confidently and what strategies do you use to engage in discussions on an equal footing?
    • How do you deal positively and constructively with mutual expectations, what experiences have you had (positive/negative)?
    • How do you present your skills to the outside world and take leadership/responsibility for topics that you enjoy?

    Table Captain:
    Anna-Lena Marx, inovex GmbH, Embedded Software Development


Voices from the industry:

Magdalena Daxenberger, DH electronics GmbH
Attracting and retaining talent in the embedded industry requires an inclusive culture, visible role models and shared values.
Magdalena Daxenberger, DH electronics GmbH
Stefani Eisele, Intel Deutschland GmbH & Altera
Diversity of thought drives our success in times where the market faces challenges and provides opportunities to any team thinking outside the box.
Intel + Altera
Eva Gengler, enableYou
AI today is often anything but feminist and therefore discriminates against women and people of colour, among others. We find out why and how we can design and use AI in a feminist way to make the world a fairer place.
Eva Gengler, enableYou
Nadja Eder, SchuhEder Consulting GmbH
Empowering women in electronics isn't just about breaking barriers, it's much more!
I am honored to speak at the #women4ew networking event about Career hacks from first-hand experience.
Nadja Eder, SchuhEder Consulting GmbH
Anna-Lena Marx, M.Sc. Embedded Systems, Embedded Software Development
The constant need to prove yourself as an engineer is frustrating and demotivating. My vision is that we can communicate with each other in the world of work without reservations and at eye level in order to develop our full potential.
Anna-Lena Marx, inovex GmbH, Embedded Software Development


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