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The world's leading meeting place for the embedded community.

Connecting a global community

Every year, experienced developers come together in Nuremberg to share their knowledge and help others turn ideas and innovations into real products. Embedded intelligence" used to be more of a vision of the future, but today it is becoming more and more of a reality and is shaping more and more systems: from autonomous vehicles to image recognition and embedded vision systems to preventive and on-demand maintenance in Industry 4.0 systems, from small computers to high-performance cloud servers.

These developments not only open up immense possibilities and business opportunities, but are also closely linked to many technical, economic, social and ethical issues. The audience is competent, knowledge-hungry embedded system developers, specialists, project and product managers. The conference is part of the dynamic environment of embedded world, THE international meeting place for the professional embedded developer community. 

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You are invited to present forward-looking technologies and solutions, new ideas and intelligent concepts for efficient development and lifecycle processes. Use your presentation to initiate fruitful discussions and help other engineers and managers to benefit from your experience.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Sikora, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences & Hahn-Schickard and Chairman of the embedded world Conference
"The conference not only covered familiar topics  but also included new trends and topics, such as embedded Rust or TinyML, which were very well received. It is becoming more and more clear that we not only have technical topics in our conference, but also that  "Responsibility" is moving more and more into focus"
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Axel Sikora, Offenburg University of Applied Sciences & Hahn-Schickard and Chairman of the embedded world Conference

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