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What awaits you at #ew25

The world of embedded systems is multifaceted – from hardware and software to services and tools. The embedded world Exhibition&Conference brings the entire embedded community together once a year in Nuremberg and provides a unique overview of the state-of-the-art in this versatile industry.  

Discover the range of products and solutions for embedded systems:

  • Hardware

    Increasing softwareisation does not change the fact that hardware platforms are the basis for every embedded system. More specialised processors, such as embedded GPUs and AI accelerators, complement microcontrollers and programmable devices (FPGAs) in computing performance

    Transceivers for wired and wireless communication, as circuits (stand-alone devices) or integrated in the microcontrollers, determine the range in the communication area. Peripheral ICs for connecting sensors and actuators complete the portfolio

    At the embedded world Exhibition&Conference you will also find: 

    • Components 

    • Embedded computing modules

    • Memory modules

    • Interface & peripheral modules

    • Communication & M2M modules

    • Modules for localisation

    • Hardware modules for secure embedded systems

    • Optoelectronic modules

    • Embedded Radar 

    • Sensor and measurement modules

    • Modules for power supply

    • Electromechanics.


    Hardware manufacturers will inform you about their latest products in five exhibition halls



  • Systems

    In an increasingly complex world, pre-developed system components consisting of hardware and software are essential building blocks for reliable overall solutions. These include industrial PCs, embedded computer modules and communication modules

    At the embedded world Exhibition&Conference you will find the right system components for your next embedded project



  • Distribution
    The value chain of embedded systems is complex. Distributors therefore play an important role. They not only offer cross-manufacturer portfolios and logistics support, but also more and more consulting, combination products, value-added services and a lot of value added. Distributors are a valuable support in system development because they offer complete line cards and different product portfolios. In this context, hardware, related software products and tools play an important role.
    Come and talk to the distributors at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference and use their knowledge to optimise your solution. 
  • Services
    Service offerings are important at all levels of the embedded value chain. They range from consulting and development services to operator models, such as industrial internet service providers or embedded cloud providers. Mergers of smaller providers and freelancers enable global reach.
    Get an overview of the range of services at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference. 
  • Tools

    Automated tools increase efficiency and reliability at all levels of the embedded value chain

    • Software development
    • Hardware development
    • Verification
    • Debugging 
    • Characterisation (measuring devices
    • Observation (Monitoring) 
    • Operation

    The exhibitors at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference represent the entire range of tools for the industry.

  • Application Software
    Pre-developed partial solutions can increase the efficiency and reliability of embedded systems. This ranges from operating systems and communication drivers to measurement routines.  

    Data pre-processing and sensor fusion also play an important role. Accordingly, many approaches to embedded AI can be found here. In connection with inferencing at the edge and increasingly in the sense of adaptive learning on the embedded system.  

    Find out about the latest developments in application software and AI at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference.
  • Electronic Displays
    Touch & Optical Bonding, Micro LEDs & Industrial Displays, HMI & Related Technologies, Optical Measurement and (Automotive) Display Applications & Evaluations are currently the most exciting topics in the field of electronic displays.  

    In the electronic displays area of the embedded world Exhibition&Conference you will find exhibitors in this special field. The electronic displays Conference will also be held parallel to the exhibition.  
  • Embedded Vision
    Embedded vision has been a theme at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference for several years.  

    Many of the optical sensor systems, e.g. for automatic inspection in industrial quality control, were previously realised with PC-based systems. The use of embedded platforms promises a significant reduction in costs and thus broader areas of application. Thus, embedded vision is becoming the basis for the industrial metaverse.  

    The embedded vision systems include components that correspond excellently to the comprehensive system approach of the embedded world Exhibition&Conference. This ranges from the optical systems to the image sensor, the CPU or FPGA computer platform to the memory and network connection.   

    The data volumes and data rates are very high for vision systems. Consequently, the demands on the systems, their components and their connections are much higher than for classic sensor systems. As a result, embedded vision is driving the entire industry.   

    The embedded vision area at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference provides an overview of the latest developments in this exciting field.
  • M2M (Machine-2-Machine Communication)  

    Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication is a key driver for the Internet of Things (IoT). The prerequisite for this is that it uses protocols that are standardised and interoperable, efficient and real-time capable, as well as secure and reliable.   

    The spectrum of M2M includes various communication solutions:   

    • wired communication for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)  
    • wireless protocol variants for short-range wireless networks  
    • Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN)  
    • cellular mobile communication around NB-IoT, Cat-M1, 5G and 6G

    In addition to the classic communication solutions, the IIoT cloud providers are stepping in with their increasingly integrated total solutions.  

    At the embedded world Exhibition&Conference you will find suppliers for all these communication solutions as well as a special M2M Area.  

  • Safety & Security
    Increasingly intensive networking of embedded systems increases the demands on the functional safety of hardware and software and on protection against external attacks (security).   

    The general security situation leads to an increased threat potential. Legal requirements derived from the EU Cybersecurity Act and the EU Resilience Act increase the need to be proactive.   

    Find safety & security solutions for hardware and software as well as for tool and process support when you visit the safety&security Area at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference.  
  • IC&IP Design  
    The design of integrated circuits (ICs) and of circuits that are then integrated into ICs, the so-called intellectual property (IP), is a core discipline of embedded system development.   

    This is especially true for applications that cannot be executed efficiently or at all on general-purpose CPUs. Examples are cryptographic operations for security or artificial intelligence algorithms. In addition, programmable hardware (programmable logic devices (PLDs) or field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs)) is providing an increasingly powerful basis for implementation without a large production lead time.  

    Take the opportunity at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference to talk to experts in the IC&IP Design Area. 
  • Start-up
    Young companies are driving technological development. In the embedded community, the cooperation of large and small, established and young companies is remarkable. The cooperation between global semiconductor companies with billions in sales and young and small companies works on many levels. The start-up scene in the industry is correspondingly lively.  

    For three years now, there has been a special area at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference with startup@embedded world, where young companies can present themselves cost-effectively and without a lot of overhead.  

    Stop by and take a look at the future of the industry. 
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Supporting programme

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