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Your contacts at embedded world Exhibition&Conference

Do you still have questions? Here you will find the right contact persons.

Director embedded world

Benedikt Weyerer is Director embedded world

Benedikt Weyerer

Director embedded world

embedded-world@nuernbergmesse.de +49 9 11 86 06-88 30


Michelle Eiser is your contact for Sales USA, UK, Ireland and Canada

Michelle Eiser

Sales USA, UK, Ireland and Canada

michelle.eiser@nuernbergmesse.de +49 9 11 86 06-89 10
Anna-Maria Wengert is your contact for Sales worldwide accept Germany, USA, UK, Ireland and Canada

Anna-Maria Wengert

Sales worldwide except Germany, USA, UK, Ireland and Canada

anna-maria.wengert@nuernbergmesse.de +49 9 11 86 06-85 85

Organization & exhibitor support

Contact Lena Skowronek

Lena Skowronek

Organization & Exhibitor support

Hall 1

lena.skowronek@nuernbergmesse.de +49 9 11 86 06 83 54
Svenja Hartmann is your contact for Hall 2 and 5

Svenja Hartmann

Organization & Exhibitor support

Hall 2 and 3

svenja.hartmann@nuernbergmesse.de +49 9 11 86 06 85 86
Lisa Kempf is your contact for hall 1 and 3A

Lisa Kempf

Organization & Exhibitor support

Hall 3A and 4A

lisa.kempf@nuernbergmesse.de +49 9 11 86 06 85 83
Anna-Maria Wengert is your contact for Sales worldwide accept Germany, USA, UK, Ireland and Canada

Anna-Maria Wengert

Organization & Exhibitor Support

Hall 4

anna-maria.wengert@nuernbergmesse.de +49 9 11 86 06 85 85
Henrike Sievers

Henrike Sievers

Organization & Exhibitor support

Hall 5

henrike.sievers@nuernbergmesse.de +49 9 11 86 06 85 90

embedded world hotline

You can also get in touch with the embedded world team via phone +49 911 8606 8830 or e-mail embedded-world@nuernbergmesse.de

For visitors

Portrait of Carl Veldman, Team VisitorService of NürnbergMesse


Carl Veldman and team

Regardless of whether it's tickets, registration, services at the trade fair center or the trade fair program: Are you planning your visit to the trade fair and still have questions? The VisitorService team will be happy to help you.

besucherservice@nuernbergmesse.de +49 9 11 86 06 96 96

Contact embedded world Conference & electronic displays Conference

 Renate Ester is your contact for the embedded world Conference and the electronic displays Conference

Renate Ester

Do you have questions to embedded world Conference or electronic displays Conference? Your personal contact:

REster@weka-fachmedien.de +49 89 255 561- 349

For media representatives

Portrait of Stefanie Markert

Stefanie Markert

PR Manager

Would you like editorial information on embedded world or may I support you with your reporting? I am happy to help you and look forward to your enquiry.

press@embedded-world.de +49 911 8606 84 82

International representatives

If you have any questions about visiting or participating in embedded world, our contacts worldwide will help you quickly and easily. Find the right contact in your country here.
A man showing an passport of the United States of America

Visa application for exhibitors

Since July 2013, it has generally been possible to dispense with an invitation letter from the exhibition company in the event of an application for a visa for the purpose of participation in an exhibition.

Exhibitors of embedded world, who still require an invitation letter for their visa application, can fill in our form.

The form will be available in good time before the next event.

About NürnbergMesse

The NürnbergMesse Group is one of the 15 largest exhibition companies in the world. It includes NürnbergMesse GmbH and that company's 15 subsidiaries and affiliates. The Group employs more than 1,000 people at eleven locations in Germany, Brazil, China, India, Italy, Greece, Austria and the USA. It also has a network of international representatives in more than 100 countries. Its portfolio comprises some 120 national and international exhibitions and conferences held in person and as digital events, focusing on five general fields: Retail & Consumer Goods, Building & Construction, Process Technology, Electronics & Security, and Social & Public. Its events safeguard jobs; generate tax revenues as well as billions of euros in purchasing power effects each year, making NürnbergMesse a major economic engine for the Nuremberg metropolitan region and Germany as a whole. As an employer and organiser of major events, NürnbergMesse assumes responsibility for people and the environment. It shapes its corporate actions in accordance with the 17 UN SDGs with the aim of achieving climate neutrality in energy supply by 2028.