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14 – 16 March 2023 // Nuremberg, Germany

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Call for Papers: Kickoff for embedded world Conference and electronic displays Conference

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In addition to the embedded world Exhibition, the embedded world Conference and the electronic displays Conference will bring the embedded community together and encourage professional interaction at an international level. The conferences are scheduled to be held as in-person events in Nuremberg from 15-17 March 2021, and experts from all over the world are invited to submit their contributions on the latest research and developments in this field.

Following the 2021 virtual edition of embedded world and the accompanying conferences, the organizers are planning to return to a physical event at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre in 2022. To ensure a safe reunion for the embedded community, a hygiene strategy that can be reliably implemented in the generously dimensioned conference and exhibition areas has been developed. At the same time, preparations are being made to expand these events to include digital formats that will allow for further professional exchanges and give exhibitors, visitors and conference delegates additional points of contact with customers.

Just in time for the 20th edition, the embedded world Conference lives up to its reputation as a unique platform for the embedded industry. In addition to in-depth knowledge sharing and experience in the various fields of research and applications, the focus will be on integral system design aspects.

The 36th edition of the electronic displays Conference, one of the key industry platforms in the field of display technologies, is also calling for the submission of lecture proposals. As a dialogue platform for developers, researchers and decision-makers in the international display markets, it brings together the professional skills of this globally networked industry. Held at the same time as the two conferences, the embedded world Exhibition illustrates the practical implementation of research results and product innovations.

20th edition of the embedded world Conference: intelligent.connected.embedded

The embedded world Conference will continue to focus on innovations and groundbreaking topics: Artificial intelligence (AI) and connectivity are two of the industry megatrends that will be discussed in-depth. There is a wide variety of applications, many of which are already in everyday use, from image recognition and embedded vision systems to smart (remote) maintenance and technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) and driverless vehicles, from minicomputers to high-performance computing, and the trend toward edge and fog computing. The aspects of reliability, testability and security are also of overarching importance in this regard. The embedded world Conference 2022 will therefore cover topics with particular innovation dynamics that offer major growth potential, as well as projects that are particularly challenging for system developers.

The embedded world Conference 2022 will focus on the following themes:

  • Internet of Things – Platforms & Applications
  • Connectivity Solutions
  • Embedded OS
  • Safety & Security
  • Board Level Hardware Engineering
  • Systems & Software Engineering
  • Embedded Vision
  • Autonomous & Intelligent Systems
  • Embedded Human-Machine-Interface
  • System-on-Chip (SoC) Design

Special topics, especially Open Source Software (in collaboration with OSADL) and High Performance Embedded Architectures (in collaboration with HiPEAC)

Professor Axel Sikora, Chairman of the embedded world Conference, comments: “For what will be the 20th embedded world Conference in 2022, we are once again planning on having contributions on future-oriented technologies and solutions, ground-breaking ideas and clever new approaches for developing and operating secure, networked and energy-efficient embedded systems. We will consistently develop the event further as a meeting place for all of the diverse embedded communities in order to focus on the specific aspects and also the challenges of interdisciplinary system design.”

Proposals for presentations or classes can be submitted until September 22, 2021 at:

electronic displays Conference: The leading forum for display experts

As the central industry platform for display technologies, the electronic displays Conference brings researchers, developers and decision-makers together. On 16-17 March they will discuss the latest solutions and trends, in addition to the status quo of the international display markets. “The electronic displays Conference represents the transfer of know-how at the highest level and professional interaction on the latest technical approaches in display development,” says the Chair of the Conference Committee, Professor Karlheinz Blankenbach from the University of Pforzheim. “Once again in 2022, it will cover hot topics such as micro-LEDs and future-oriented application scenarios like OLEDs, which are increasingly in demand in automobile manufacturing, for example.” The Author Interviews following the sessions will offer additional learning opportunities for delegates at the electronic displays Conference.

The electronic displays Conference 2022 will focus on the following themes:

  • Display technologies
  • Display applications
  • Driving and interfaces
  • Touch displays
  • GUI, HMI
  • 3D
  • Measurement tasks
  • System aspects and integration of components
  • Display subassemblies
  • Supply chain
  • Market data
  • Lighting

Submissions for the electronic displays Conference will be accepted until  October 4, 2021. For information on submitting topic proposals, please see:

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