27. Februar - 1. März 2018 // Nürnberg, Germany

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Session 36 - Autonomous Systems V Test & Qualification

Safety & Security Testing of Cooperative Automotive Systems Vortragssprache Englisch

Development and simulation environments are not yet ready to rapidly develop prototypes of connected and cooperative driving functions. In contrast to developing ADAS functions, the test and simulation of connected applications have to consider the interaction of heterogeneous systems. If it comes to complex applications that require a distributed consensus, e.g. Merging Assistance, the distributed application has to be validated. Therefore, we provide an approach for an integrated testing environment that can cover the whole innovation cycle for prototype development. Incorporating safety and security aspects it starts from the design of the application over simulation to integrating and validating the prototypes. For the initial development step of designing a cooperative driving function, the testing environment comprises interfaces to common modelling tools, like Matlab Simulink or ADTF. The deployed application uses the ezCar2X framework, an ETSI ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) compliant communication stack, which can either run on real communication hardware or on a virtual node within the network simulation. Through this, application security testing can be conducted with static and dynamic methods. The suggested concept combines three different simulation aspects into one integrated simulation environment. The first component is a traffic simulator that is used to model and run driving test cases on a realistic road network. The second component is a network simulation tool for applications under real communication conditions. For the heterogeneous use of common vehicular communication technologies, e.g. 802.11p, 4G or LTE, the ezCar2X framework provides additional network layer components. The network simulation tool also facilitates interfaces to control traffic simulation and for the integration of hardware-in-the-loop tests, e. g. with roadside units (RSUs), or of vehicle-in-the-loop tests, as for Virtual Platooning. The third component of the testbed is for test control. Traces from all the simulation components are monitored and analyzed within the test control component. For ensuring the security of cooperative systems, testing covers white-, gray-, and black-box approaches (e.g. Data-Flow Analysis, Fuzzing or Penetration Testing). In order to validate the applications, test cases have to reach full coverage and should therefore be generated (semi-)automatically for each application. Novel cooperative functions can be integrated with ezCar2X into secure ITS prototype devices. These build upon trust2X, a hardened platform that includes hardware- and software-based security in order to isolate and protect processes and data of cooperative driving functions from other operating systems (e. g. AUTOSAR), functional modules and communication interfaces (e. g. backend communication for secure software updates and app deployment). Thus, our approach covers the whole development process for prototyping and testing cooperative functions.

--- Datum: 01.03.2018 Uhrzeit: 10:00 Uhr - 10:30 Uhr Ort: Conference Counter NCC Ost


 Dominique Seydel

Dominique Seydel

/ Fraunhofer ESK


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