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25. - 27. Februar 2020 // Nürnberg, Germany

Konferenzen und Rahmenprogramm

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Class 3.4: The Mc Guire Class: Introduction to Linux Kernel Tools

OSADL: Introduction to Linux Kernel Tools Vortragssprache Englisch

Highly complex software is becoming the normal case for developers - at the same time complex software systems are expected to be highly robust and reliable. With increasing complexity tools play a continuously increasing role. The Linux kernel - 16-20 million lines of C-code - is one good examples of how a highly complex system undergoing a rapid collaborative evolution can be kept stable and maintainable. A fair part of this is due to the elaborate use of tools. Tools are used in development as well as in a large number of continuous integration and testing infrastructures ranging from 0day-ci, build-bots testing subsystem and pre-integration trees to special purpose testing harnesses like OSADL QA-Farm to address real-time capabilities. But all these testing and ci-systems would be of little use if the input were not already of a high quality. This high quality is due to the development process and guidelines supported by the elaborate tools system of the mainline Linux kernel. In this session we will give a hands-on introduction to key tools for code analysis, heuristics based checking, static code verification as well as some more specialized tools developed during OSADLs Safety Critical Linux initiative SIL2LinuxMP, that focus on analysis support, maintenance and monitoring issues of a specific configurations. The tools set introduced hands-on will cover: * cscope, git, tig * checkpatch.pl * gcc - spcific flags and target * smatch, sparse, coccinelle * gcc-plugins * SIL2LinuxMP tools: minimize, PIT and L2S While the tools are introduced in the context of the Linux kernel many of them are used in other project as well and may benefit any complex software development. A one-day session covering many tools is a bit brute-force - do not expect to get a in-depth understanding of this large and diverse tool-set - its more of a Tools Boot Camp - from which we hope you can take on the challenges waiting for you. Participants are provided with a bootable USB disk with all relevant software installed - an understanding of C-code will be necessary and being able to handle a command line will be life-saving - all materials used are open-source and the participants are provided with a copy of the material. IMPORTANT: Participants are expected to bring their own laptop to the session - pleas make sure that the laptop is an X86 64bit and can boot from a USB device.

--- Datum: 28.02.2019 Uhrzeit: 09:30 Uhr - 16:30 Uhr Ort: Conference Counter NCC Ost



Prof. Nicholas Mc Guire

OpenTech EDV Research


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