Robert Pickles

/ Core Avionics & Industrial (CoreAVI)

Robert Pickles is currently a Senior Field Applications engineer for Core Avionics & Industrial, who provide embedded OpenGL video graphics libraries certified on a number of aerospace projects around the world. Robert€™s experienced started in the Royal Air Force in electronics and software, before moving to industry, with over 30+ years of software experience on successful projects used within the military, as well as, authoring of the first commercially sold Amiga Virus Terminator package in the 1980€™s. Before moving to CorAVI, Robert was a Solution Architect at SYSGO providing detailed software architectures, including pricing and bid documentation on high level certification projects for Aerospace and Transportation. Previous to SYSGO Robert worked for GE Intelligent Platforms, working with VME and VPX embedded rugged systems being directly involved with system software and device drivers on VxWorks, Integrity, Lynx, PikeOS and Linux.