Vincent Cui

Security Expert, T-HEAD Semiconductor Inc. / Alibaba Group

1. Working on computer/server BIOS design in ASUS Corp for 3 years

2. Experience in TCM/TPM SoC design and secure firmware development in JETWAY Corp for 5 years

3. Be charge of Power Distribution Unit development in Enlogic Corp for 3 years 4. Working on embedded world secure IoT production design and research.

T-HEAD ‘s former company is C-SKY, which has more than 20 years experience of CPU core design in Chinese native. T-HEAD is leading corporation in semiconductor industry in china. Its business involves CPU core design, IoT chip design, tool chain development team and embedded system software team for IoT device.

Vincent Cui is an security expert of IoT chip with more years secure software development experience , be dedicated in offering  total secure solution of IoT production from chip to cloud.