Dr. Nizamidin Jappar

Kimoto Tech

Coated films are typically used in and on LCD and OLED displays, which are used in smart phones, computers, and other applications/devices; to reduce the color shift, light leakage, and for optimizing the image quality and readability at high viewing angles as well as various lighting conditions. Kimoto has developed and provides light diffusion films (light-up, Optsaver, and REF-white), hard-coated films (anti-fingerprint, anti-glare, anti-sparkle, and anti-reflective), adhesive films (Prosave, Kimotect), and conductive films. Kimoto's coating technology improves light diffusion, screen protection, conductive, and process film properties by supplementing them with the highest surface morphology, optical and physical properties, as well as weather-ability. Kimoto adds value and functionality by applying a variety of proprietary coatings to plastic substrates on one or both sides.