Dr. Pietro Ferrara


Pietro Ferrara is the Head of Research and Development at JuliaSoft, company that he joined in February 2016. His main activities have been focused on the application of Julia analyses to .NET programs, the optimization of such analyses, the Android support with a specific focus on confidentiality properties, and a new privacy analysis to support the process of GDPR compliance. Pietro's career has always been focused on abstract interpretation-based static analysis. He obtained his PhD degree from Ecole Polytechnique of Paris (under the supervision of Radhia Cousot) in 2009 with a thesis on Java multithreaded programs. He then spent 4 years (until July 2014) as a postdoc and lecturer at ETH of Zurich in the Programming methodology group. During this period, he developed a language agnostic static analyser called Sample. Finally, he spent 2 and half years as a Research Staff Member in the IBM group of Mobile Enterprise Software in NY, where he developed several security analyses of Android applications extending the WALA analyser. Pietro is the author of about 40 scientific publications and 20 patents.